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Red Rectangular 54X108 Plastic Tablecover Party Dimensions
Red Rectangular 54X108 Plastic Tablecover
Red Rectangular 54X108 Plastic Tablecover

Red Rectangular 54X108 Plastic Tablecover


Party Dimensions

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In case you think that there has been negligible spill and you want to use it for a second round, the tablecloth even wipes clean in a swipe due to its non-sticky coating. Disposable Tablecloth are ideal for everyday use at a home, restaurant, banquet hall, canteen or any other catering facility. When it comes to special occasions like a get together brunch, a birthday, anniversary or a shower party, or buffet for any other festive occasion, these are a blessing for the host.

  • Cleaning a table is always a tedious and ugly job after a casual lunch, dinner, a small gathering, party, banquet or any other catered event. Even if you use a tablecloth, cleaning it is no easier than cleaning a table. 
  • These tablecloths are great at picking up any messy spills from food, drinks, paint from arts and crafts sessions and more! What’s better? They’re completely disposable so no need to worry about clean up!
  • Let your imagination run wild! These tablecloths come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your particular mood so you can accommodate different party themes!
  • Durable enough to not wear or tear easily and survive through the event.
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