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Royal Collection Plastic Dinner Plates Silver Black 7"

Royal Collection Plastic Dinner Plates Silver Black 7"



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  • Elegant white plate 23cm, royal blue-silver pattern edge
  • Perfect for: weddings, dinners, celebrations, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, birthday parties,..
  • Rigid plastic of top quality
  • Package: 10 pieces
  • Do not use in the microwave

Elegant plastic disposable plate with nice design. Disposable plates are the most convenient when preparing for an event. Your table will have the sumptuous look of real China for a lesser significant cost. Elegant design, ideal for celebrations such as weddings, special event dinners, Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day, birthday parties...They can also be used for all outdoor activities like barbecues, camping, village - garden or fire festivals. Comparable to the plates of cardboard or thin plastic, with our products you will get a similar look of a true porcelain at a fraction of the price. Each package contains 10 elegant plates. You can choose to transfer or re-use these plates for another occasion. They have excellent quality and can be cleaned and reused for future events. Do not use in the microwave.

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