Antique Collection Dessert & Salad Plates Clear 7" 20Ct




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Elegant imitation porcelain dessert plate, and also disposable; that is most practical when organizing an event. ideal for parties such as weddings, special dinners, Christmas, New Year and Valentine. Your table will radiate the allure of a festive table with real porcelain at a small price. Also suitable for outdoor activities such as barbecue, camping, garden parties and festivals. You can also choose to reuse them for the following occasions, they are of excellent quality and can be well-cleaned. It is recommended to wash them by hand and they are not usable in the micro oven.

  • Deluxe disposable dessert plate 19cm, transparent with elegant design
  • Ideal for: parties, weddings, dinner, New Year, Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, catering
  • Material: plastic, disposable
  • Packaging: 20 pieces
  • Hand wash advised, no microwave

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